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A Song For Life has come together with Donations For Daddy to hopefully keep the earth violence free. The evening of January 2, 2015, Colin, or C JAY as he is affectionately known, left his Jamaica, Queens, home to head into Manhattan to attend his vocal training workshop, a trek he has made countless times without incident over the past 7 years. While walking to the subway, C JAY was randomly targeted and shot in the back of his neck. Left there to die by the unidentified perpetrators, he was saved by a stranger who turned the corner and called 911.

Months later, C JAY is finally home from the hospital, and although he is confined to a wheelchair, his prognosis looks better. He still faces an uphill battle in order to gain back the use of his legs, arms and voice, which will require several months of rehabilitation. C JAY is an aspiring artist, talented dancer and visionary. The January 2nd incident has derailed his journey to bringing his talent and music to the masses.

Prompted by this devastating and tragic incident, Craig Derry, C JAY’s vocal coach, has been moved to call upon friends and friends of friends to create “A Song for Life: A Sing-Out Against Violence” a benefit concert to raise awareness about the senseless violence that is adversely affecting the lives of our youth at an alarming rate. “A Song For Life” seeks to make sure this derailment is only temporary, while bringing awareness to the epidemic of random and not so random violence that plagues today’s society and our youth. Whether it is on the streets of the five boroughs of New York City, or in elementary schools in small, quiet towns of Colorado or Connecticut, violence has spread its unwelcome reach to the homes of millions of Americans. Though it is the goal to raise the needed money to help defray C JAY’s medical costs, “A Song For Life” is also the voice of many singing out against the senseless, countless acts that have already taken and negatively impacted too many lives.

Supported by Executive Producer Doug E. Fresh, and Honorary Chairman Russell Simmons, “A Song For Life” is planned to debut at a major NYC venue in Fall 2015, featuring a diverse array of artists performing music, spoken word, and comedy from a wide range of styles and genres.  It well educate as it entertains, helping to create a brighter, safer future for all of us. 





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The DONATIONS FOR DADDY FOUNDATION was incorporated in the State of New Jersey on October 16th 2014 and is a non-profit charitable, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

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