"You don't know what you have till it's gone..."


You never realize how much something or someone means to you until it's taken away. Most people take life for granted and don't realize how lucky we can be to wake up every morning, and kiss our loved ones good night every evening. On June 17th - Mr. Edmund "Eddie" Koleshnick's "Kole" life changed as he was told something no one should ever hear. "You have Cancer".


He was diagnosed with Stage 4 of a rare form of Liver Cancer in the Bi-Ducts called "Cholangio Carcenoma" only 15,000 people at most get diagnosed a year. Most families find out only through autopsy. Only 5%-15% survive up to 5 years. His 1st and 2nd opinions only gave him 3 months to live. Having all the hope in his heart to stay here for his family, he went to Sloan Kettering in NYC, who was much more optomistic and fought his battle with him. 


Could you imagine how it must feel? To be given a life sentence? To be told there's nothing you can do? Eddie kept fighting. He never gave up hope. Through constant Chemotherapy Treatments, Medications, Going in and out of Hospitals into Cardiac Arrest, trying everything he could to be there for his wife and 3 children. He never gave up.


After a difficult 9 month battle, Eddie passed away on March 21st 2015 in the arms of his wife, Jackie, with his children by his side at Jersey Shore Medical Center. Although it may seem like the battle is over... the battle has just begun. Leaving behind a home in forclosure, a wife (who already fought her battle with Breast Cancer), a daughter pursuing her dreams and careers, a son who hopes to go to his dream college next year, and a 12 year old son who will go through the rest of his life without his father by his side... this is only the start of a long battle with life.




The Donations for Daddy Foundation was formed by Veronica Kole, bilingual pop performing sensation, in 2015 in honor of her father; Edmund "Eddie" James Koleshnick "Kole". His dying wish was that one day in the future, there would be enough means of early detection so NO ONE will ever have to be told "It's too late". Experiencing cancer first hand, our dream is for that no one will ever experience the emotional, physical, and financial burden of cancer upon their family. As it may seem almost impossible - as modern medicine continues to expand - we wanted to help people with first hand impact at an immediate level. 


Through different events, activities, etc. we will be raising funds for people around the country, and hopefully around the world, who are cursed with Cancer. We centralize our focus on Families who have recently lost an immediate member of their family to cancer, Survivors of cancer, and Research for Early Detection.


We will be fundraising for people who have been personally affected by cancer and providing things like scholarships, medical bill funds, wish granting, funeral planning and expenses, and 24/7 support.


We have multiple projects and programs catered to specific ways to help as many patients as possible! The possibilities are endless, and together, we can make the battle easier for people all over the United States.

From the heart


I've learned; Growing up we all face challenges, struggles; every situation is different. I've also learned that there's a particular battle that EVERYONE recently has had a first hand experience in, Cancer. Whether it be a friend, co-worker, or family member - we all know someone who has fought or is fighting cancer - or maybe fighting it ourselves. As I stand back and think "there's nothing I can do", I've recently found that I have more power then I thought. 


My name is Veronica Kole, and I am the founder of The Donations For Daddy Foundation. My role models throughout my life have been my parents. They raised me to be the strong person I am today. In June 2014, the strongest man I knew, my father, was diagnosed with a rare Stage 4 Cancer, Cholangio Carcinoma, effecting the Liver and Bi-Duct. Given 3 months to live - he stopped at nothing to stay here for his family going through Chemotherapy, Medications, and frequent Emergency Hospital stays from complications. After 9 months of fighting the battle of his life, he passed away in the arms of his wife, at only 53 years old. My father was a role model to many, he showed people that through believing in the power of "YOU", any battle can be fought. No matter what happens in the end, YOU are a winner.


The Donations for Daddy Foundation was created to follow my fathers dreams and legacy. To bring Role Models together with people around the world to help those who are fighting the battle of their lives, to show that we can fight this battle together. To bring hope into the lives of those feeling hopeless; through social media moral support, and nationwide projects to directly benefit those in need. There IS something we can do. For the families who have just lost a mother or father to cancer and have to put their child through college, for the young girl undergoing chemotherapy every week whose dream is to perform on a stage, for the boy who dreams of playing soccer but his parents can't afford it because their mother survived breast cancer, but is left with high medical bills; we're looking to create a difference in the lives of those fighting - so the battle doesn't seem so impossible. 


I know that I can make a change, but the power of "YOU" is so strong, that TOGETHER, we can difference.

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The DONATIONS FOR DADDY FOUNDATION was incorporated in the State of New Jersey on October 16th 2014 and is a non-profit charitable, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

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