We are currently looking for people of all ages to be our helping hands. To help us bring these projects to life as board members, project coordinators, attend the events and help as volunteers, and more. There's a place for everyone here in our family. You could be a hands on part of creating a better future for people who need our help, and the future of our families. Coming together in YOUnity is the biggest part of making a positive change. Because the power of "YOU" is so strong, As a team WE can come together, and make a difference TOGETHER


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Corporate and Local Buisness partnerships are a key benefactor for our foundation. To have buisnesses support our community projects is incredibly valuable. If you would like to become a Local or Corporate Sponsor, please contact us for all the information, packages, and ways you can help. You can help grow a specific project, or the foundation as a whole. We have constant love and support for our Corporations and Local Buisnesses around the U.S, who provide us with consistent incredible service, products, and services everyday. We would be honored to have you as a supporter and a valuable part of our team, and giving back to those who support your business every day


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Even if you can't attend an event or be part of our helping hands, you can still support the cause from the comfort of your own home. Spread the word and :





      Thank you for your kind support. 


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The DONATIONS FOR DADDY FOUNDATION was incorporated in the State of New Jersey on October 16th 2014 and is a non-profit charitable, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

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