The BeYOUtiful Tour is an interactive concert and event series catered to helping cancer patients and their families; by uniting people all over the United States through music, the arts, and their own talents hobbies and passions. 


In each city we hold a concert or event in, we will contact local area hospitals and treatment centers for cancer. Working with those hospitals and treatment centers; we will bring Artists and Musicians performing at the concert, into the hospital to put on acoustic private performances and meet and greets for the inpatients who are unfortunately unable to attend the event due to how critical their illness is. We will also give tickets for the event to outpatients and families who are physically able to attend the event. Working with the hospitals, we will also see if there are any current patients who have a passion in Music or the Arts and would like the opportunity to perform at the event and represent their hometown. 


For each concert and event, we will select Role Models and Performers of all kinds who support the fight against Cancer. From local area performers, to well-known aspiring artists, to social media personalities, to Grammy award winning and World Wide Known Superstars - each event will be jam packed with fun performances, meet and greets, VIP opportunities, and activities for people of all ages. Each event will encourage self positivity, strength, and that coming together as one community can make a difference.


What is it?

The proceeds raised from each event and concert will be donated for the benefit of the victims in that specific communitiy. "Neighbors helping Neighbors".


-To a selected local family who has recently lost an immediate member to Cancer or has a fighting family member (i.e support a college/trade school scholarship, sports/hobby tuition, funeral expenses, existing medical bills, housing matters, food and clothing matters, etc.)


- To selected local family who has a proud cancer survivor but is left with the unaffordable medical bills for the treatment that kept them alive


- to the local area Hospital/Treatment Center to enhance the possibility of Early Detection

Who does it help?

The BeYOUtiful Tour, created in 2014, started out as a one time concert in Freehold NJ at iPlay America to help change the life of one Cancer Patient, and donate to Sloan Kettering Research Center in New York City. After preparing it in only One month on short notice; the "Donations For Daddy" launch event drew a crowd of 1200 people, with their hearts set on helping others. With the power of only one family - there wasn't one person in the local area who wasn't aware of the campaign and was fully supported by Media, Celebrities, and Local Buisnesses. At the end of night, no one hesitated to ask "When's the next one?!"


We decided not to end the movement but to see that show on October 16th 2014 as the beginning of something amazing. The "Donations For Daddy" one time event, became "The BeYOUtiful Tour"

How did it start?

The BeYOUtiful Tour

​Find us: 

P.O Box 6302 

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The DONATIONS FOR DADDY FOUNDATION was incorporated in the State of New Jersey on October 16th 2014 and is a non-profit charitable, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

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