THE BeYOUnique project


The BeYOUnique Project 


Those who believe in expression through arts and creativity will always find their way through the darkest of days. Those who devote their lives to art and music, create a world of happiness for those who can't find their smile. Being an artist and a musician, I've manifested all of my power and passion into creating a life full of harmony for myself, those around me, and those all over the world who listen to my music. What would the world be without our "Jam", our favorite song, the poetic lyrics of our favorite artists, and the anthems that represent our lives? 


That's a question we couldn't bear to see the answer to. As our Arts programs in schools all over the United States slowly disappear, it becomes difficult for young, aspiring talent to find their path to achieving their dreams. The music industry has no set direction, or steps to take, that will guarantee success. To top it all off; training, merchandising, studying, performing, and especially recording - could create a tremendous financial burden on a family and cost more then a college tuition or mortgage.





The Donations for Daddy Foundation's "BeYOUnique Project" was created to give a helping hand in the start of a possible career for a young artist. Veronica Kole, of Donations for Daddy, and Ryan Barber, of the Barbershop Studios, have created the idea for the opportunity of a lifetime. Middle and High School students interested in the arts (musicians, singers, engineers, DJ, etc) will be hand selected and brought into a world class, state of the art recording studio (The BarberShop) to record their own original project. Through the project they will be mentored/coached musically by some of the greatest musicians, learn about the industry and the art form of recording, and given an industry standard final product to start showing to their supporters. At the end of the project, they will perform their first headlining show, with their new song, at their Winter/Spring school concert in front of all their peers! They will also be given opportunity to perform for established artists on our "BeYOUtiful Tour". Most of all, this program empowers our youth to find who they are, to be themselves, and to follow their dreams. All you need is one shot, one opportunity, one platform; it's up to "YOU" to rock that stage. 




Q. Who created it?


The idea was created by Performing Artist Veronica Kole and Ryan Barber of the Barbershop Studios. 


More about them can be found


Q. How can I be considered?


If you are in Middle School or High School and in the Tri State Area, and you are interested in music and the arts, you can be considered for this project. Original music is highly looked upon. Grab your parent or Guardian and email us.


You can find our contact information 






Q. How can I help support this project?


If you would like to help keep this project going, and would like to help bring a child a step closer to following their dreams, we are always looking for sponsors and donations to be able to make this possible. We have all these incredible resources, but a little help makes a big difference.


More information on how to sponsor this project, or make a donation, can be found



Q. Can I check out the studio?


Absolutely! Some pictures of the studio are below, you're always welcome to come by (try to make an appointment first!) and you can find out more information about the studio on their website : 





​Find us: 

P.O Box 6302 

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The DONATIONS FOR DADDY FOUNDATION was incorporated in the State of New Jersey on October 16th 2014 and is a non-profit charitable, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

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