"Together, we can make a difference."


Veronica Kole is the Founder/President of the Donations for Daddy foundation. Grown up with strong family values and a passion to help others, this talented international performing artist is not only determined to follow her dreams in music, but to utilize her talents and outreach to make a difference in many people's lives. As a humanitarian, she's been traveling from coast to coast to spread the message of anti bullying and self positivity, working with other non profits and fundraisers for various organizations, and creating a movement for something that has recently changed her life. This foundation was created in memory of her father Edmund James Koleshnick in 2014.


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"Anything is possible with an opportunity."


Ryan Barber is the manager of the world-class recording studio, The Barber Shop Studios; a studio that deals with the top equipment, producers, and artists in the music industry. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business. Being a huge fan of music, Ryan is passionate about helping bands and artists receive the opportunity to create a career out of their talents. When Ryan is not working at the recording studio, he likes to lace up his skates and play hockey or relax on the beach on Long Beach Island.


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the team who makes us younited



"From negativity, comes positivity"


Jackie is the Vice President of the Donations for Daddy foundation. Being a co-creator of the "D4D" foundation, without her expertise in buisness, management, finances, and marketing development; the organization would still be just an "idea". She received her Bachelor in Buisness Management from Baruch College in New York City. She was one of the first founding associates in the now world wide corporation, TicketMaster, bringing this once unknown company from selling only select shows, to selling out Madison Square Garden with legendary acts like Michael Jackson. With experience working in Fidelity Brokerage firm; and behind the scenes in the music industry, she's determined to utilize her assets to continue developing these positive projects to make a difference in communities around the U.S in the name of her husband, who recently lost his battle to Stage 4 Liver Cancer.






"We each have a VOICE through music."


Craig Derry is an artist, celebrity vocal coach, and mentor. He's served as a member of the band for The Sugar Hill Gang, the first group to send a Rap single to the Top 40. He's worked with Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Michael Jackson, Sean Kingston, etc. Craig Derry has been coaching vocalists since the 1970s. He has coached artists across all genre's, including Katy Perry, Maxwell, Diggy Simmons, Mack Wilds, Kevin Lyttle, Omarion, Marc Anthony, John Legend, Anthony Hamilton, Angie Stone, etc. He has also sang with artists such as Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Etta James, and more.


Craig’s methods incorporate years of research, application, and verification – and have not been taught anywhere else in the world. By providing the vocalist with the proper energy to perform optimally, his techniques have been proven to help jump-start, lengthen, and even rescue the careers of today’s (and yesterday’s) most successful musicians. He is a firm believer in the voice that is, the voice that was, and the voice that is yet to come.






"Our voice is our song. Our Song For Life"


Hope E. Daley is the Founder of "A Song for Life" Project. Being a motherly figure, when "your child" is in need, you stop at nothing to care and stand for them. After aspiring artist "C-Jay" was aimlessly shot on his way to vocal class, Hope started a movement to help victims of senseless violence. Hope is a graduate of SUNY Paltz, and Columbia University. She has single handedly put together incredible events around the Tri-State area for company functions, events and activities, Marketing and Promotions, and musical engagements. There is a song for everyone. A melody to be sang. A song for life.




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The DONATIONS FOR DADDY FOUNDATION was incorporated in the State of New Jersey on October 16th 2014 and is a non-profit charitable, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

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